Premiere Club Furies: Ricky Cross — Kaik [UCKER]

In the international underground scene, and in particular, in Techno music, Portugal has become a source of incredible talent. Ricky Cross is one of the outstanding flourishing figures of such scene, which is growing all the time.

Ricky Cross is the Techno project that started in 2014, created by Henrique Silva, who settles in Viana do Castelo, a small town in the north of Portugal. After a long journey in search of hypnotic sounds with strong and constant bass, he prostrates himself as one of the artists of the new litter of the Portuguese Techno scene. Trained in sound, music, and video for live shows, he is passionate about everything that surrounds a show and the sensations it transmits.

Some of his releases have been published on labels such as Diffuse Reality Records, TMM Records with Circle; Disturb with Only Once In A Lifetime; Muted with Measure Pressure; Signal Rec with Speal Tools; on R3volution with Over; on ANAØH with Time Colapse; on Default Series with a remix and a collaboration; on Human Recs with No More Thoughts; on Unterwelt with a remix; on Corpus Black with a track.

Now, the label of the Argentinean collective UCKER presents Horse Vaccination, a mind-blowing extended play of four tracks and two remixes, made by the one and only Cyklos, a producer based in Spain.

Where’s the dimension is the perfect introduction to Ricky Cross‘ hypnotic adventure. Neutral is a powerful combination of rhythmic gallop, Sci-Fi components, and enormous tension, generated by the subtle development of a paranoid melody. Kaik swirls in the trip’s dirty and sticky wastelands. The presence of pads and white noise generates a magnetic sensation. Horse Vaccination represents a direct punch to the face, driven by the most creative use of hi-hats and cymbals that give this piece a standout groove.

The syncopated version of Cyklos to Neutral breaks the 4×4 structure. It is replaced by a chaotic and celestial interpretation, something only a master can achieve. His variation of Horse Vaccination is very powerful in the bass drum and bass combination, opaque and angry, as Techno should be.

The first track is the sample that the trip has gone astray; the second track is the sample of what the trip was before it went astray. And the third track is what comes after the misplacement. Club Furies presents the premiere of Kaik.

Our situation is one: lost somewhere in the universe. Our means of transportation: Horse Vaccination. Our guide: Kaik. Kaik flies over this galactic landscape with impressive confidence and strength. Able to find his way immediately, it decides to play to the curious traveler: it crosses lunar mountain ranges, extraterrestrial craters, and storms of sand, fire, and ice.

Where will the eponymous track, which takes the place of the player, lead us? Will it have turned for home, taking up again the course, after the security and strength with which Kaik faced the challenge? Will it have wandered more than it should?

Artist: Ricky Cross
Title: Horse Vaccination
Remixer: Cyklos
Label: UCKER
Catalog: UCKER 008
Pre-order: May 23rd, 2022 on Bandcamp

1. Wheres The Dimension
2. Neutral
3. Kaik
4. Horse Vaccination
5. Horse Vaccination (Cyklos Remix)
6. Neutra (Cyklos Remix)

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