Club Furies Premiere: Stuster — Undergo [00 Recordings]

OO Recordings is the project and record label run by DJ Aleksi, Handshaking, and Raul E. Since its inception in 2016, the label has released work in different styles of electronic music, from both local and international friends. OO Recordings also hosts a monthly show on Bristol’s Noods radio called O to O.

The first releases were two Various Artists Compilations in cassette format. Then came the Splits series in 2021. The idea of the Splits is to highlight the connection of electronic music artists: connected not only through genres but also through an ethos, a sound that is subconsciously formed. It is a carefully curated series, in which two artists share a tape with complete artistic freedom over the music.

OO Recordings returns with the second edition of Splits, reproducing the meeting point between two creative minds. This time, the focus is on Helsinki’s vibrant local scene. Emkay and Stuster are the chosen ones. emkay is the alter ego of Maria Korkeila, a multidisciplinary artist who has devoted significant time to music, art, and fashion, both in Helsinki and Paris. Alexander Stuster, or just Stuster, is a producer and disc jockey who is dedicated to achieving his visions, as well as assisting many others in their musical endeavors.

The cassette is made up of two sides, on which each artist pours their work. On Side A of the cassette, we have the four tracks of emkay, who takes us into the depths of House and electronic. On Side B, the four tracks by Stuster, in which he captures his vision of contemporary Electro and Acid.

Club Furies presents the premiere of Stuster’s last track and the last of this second edition of the Splits. Undergo means to submit to something. Michel Foucault already said that power, besides causing displeasure, is a source of pleasure. So the Electro Acid power of Undergo generates a generous pleasure.

The visual correlates of our premiere take us from present times, set in contemporary Finnish lands, to ancient medieval times, in the midst of stone castles. These dissimilar times find their common point in the freshness and fine sound confection, which expels us into idyllic and fresh meadows.

Title: Splits 2: emkay & Stuster
Artists: emkay (A-Side), Stuster (B-side)
Label: OO Recordings
Format: Digital & Limited Edition Cassette
Mastered by: Noah Kin
Country: Finland
Release Date: May 20th, 2022 on Bandcamp

1. emkay – Give It To Me Good
2. emkay – Cowgirl
3. emkay – Shake Your Bootie
4. emkay – Weatherman
5. Stuster – Virtual Machine
6. Stuster – Computer Controlled
7. Stuster – Dish You
8. Stuster – Undergo

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