Club Furies Premiere: Terminal Trax — To Be Livin In The 2000s [KR Records]

Yesterday we brought you our first premiere of the new release from KR Records, the French label headed by Ket Robinson. Led by Parisian Terminal Trax, it’s a work that keeps the fast pace the label has been releasing: fast and furious.

The first track, Procession, is eo ipso voracious and unstoppable. It is the beginning of the process that takes us to the two thousand years, and which, at the same time, makes the transition to a third wave possible. We are talking about the Third Wave, the track that closes this release.

Club Furies presents KR031‘s second release, To Be Livin In The 2000s. After being sucked into the Procession Train, we have been expelled onto the slopes of the new century. The verve with which it began is well reflected in the sound of this track, just as fast-paced and frenetic as the first.

Towards the end of our stay back in those years, the rhythm slows down somewhat; it has to because the energy expended is unbearable. It also fulfills another function: it gives us a retrospective view of those years. However, the impasse only lasts a few seconds. It’s time to be sucked into the sound rave.

We’ll have to see what Maxx Rossi‘s remix and later the original Drowned Inside mix have to say: will we stay in the 2000s or will we be sucked somewhere else?

Artist: Terminal Trax
Title: KR031
Remixes: Maxx Rossi, BFVR
Label: KR Records
Catalog: KR031
Format: Digital
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno
Release Date: May 27th, 2022 on Bandcamp

1. Procession
2. To Be Livin In The 2000s
3. To Be Livin In The 2000s (Maxx Rossi Remix)
4. Drowned Inside
5. Drowned Inside (BFVR Remix)
6. Third Wave

Supported by Amelie Lens, SLAM, Joseph Capriati, Samantha Togni, David Asko, D.A.V.E The Drummer, The Brvtalist, Mark Greene, Dax J, Cristian Varela, Lifka, Kuetzal, and many more…

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