Club Furies Premiere: Empath — Ghost of the Christmas Past [Signature Dark]

“From slowly evolving sound textures to esoteric rhythms, let’s open our minds to minimal richness”. That is the motto of Signature Dark, a record label based in Helsinki, Finland. The founding elements are melancholy, darkness, and cinematic.

Signature Dark is a novel musical concept that runs the gamut of vivid and atmospheric soundscapes, from Ambient to Drone, Dark Jazz, Dub, and experimental music. Occasionally, the sound even ventures into minimal Techno and Jungle territory.

What happens when one’s mind wanders between the waking life and the dream state? Hypnagogia is a phase that leads to the dream state when people can see visions and come up with quite creative ideas.

Between sleep and wakefulness, people travel on the borders of consciousness. Reality is still experienced, but the logic of real life no longer exists. People may see shadows and colors around them, hear voices or get surprising ideas.

Hypnagogia is said to be the shortest way to one’s own subconscious and intuition. We can be very creative in hypnagogic states because the rational mind is no longer there.

This is the concept on which Empath builds to present their new work, this time on Signature Dark. Music For Hypnagogia is the album in which he explores these hidden states of the subconscious with six sound collages. The ideas and visions for this music are born from his own hypnagogic experiences. A fascinating way to lead (Greek: Agogo) the listeners into dreams (Greek: Hypnos).

Club Furies presents the premiere of Ghost of the Christmas Past. Making the past present. Beyond the rhetorical path of the previous sentence, what it means is that the past can only be known from the present – as well as the future. And any past event, such as Christmas, can be made present.

The shadow is the dark image that an opaque body casts on any surface, intercepting the direct rays of light. And that is the way our subconscious makes Christmas past present.

Amidst faint snowstorms, Ambient and Drone form an extraordinary work of sound art in the midst of another work of art, Music For Hypnagogia. In which the subconscious becomes conscious and intuition becomes full, living red-hot.

Artist: Empath
Title: Music For Hypnagogia
Label: Signature Dark
Written: Mikko Ihalainen
Mastering: Alho Mastering by Jarno Alho
Release date: June 17th, 2022 on Bandcamp

1. Teurgia 7:11
2. Ghost Of The Christmas Past 6:37
3. Dreamlink 5:31
4. Skraeling 6:42
5. Absoluutti 9:36
6. Madame D’Esperance 8:57
Album length 44:33

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