Club Furies Review: Dystopie: Krater Music’s Unity in Difference

Krater Music is a music label based in Mexico, focused on electronic music, mind loops, and synthesized communication. It is an electronic music label constantly searching for unique sounds around Latin culture. Its catalog of music has an infinite range of textures, genres, and distinctive sounds, made by producers from all regions, origins, and influences within the Mexican borders.

Founded in 2021, Krater Music has established itself as an electronic music platform, joined by producers and musicians from the United States, Germany, and Mexico itself. Under the leadership of Doctor Bagre, in charge of visual direction, and Lewis_33, head of the label, the label has continued to embrace its goal: to become a place for diversity, irreverence, musical uplift, and total creative freedom of styles and sounds.

Krater Music‘s roster seeks to boost the talent of Mexican producers by helping to promote their work. The roster of artists has a unique musical vision, which had already managed to place their individual projects in global trends, opening new paths for the musical history of our country.

Since its birth in 2021, Krater Music has provided a home for artists to develop their ideas of new advanced sounds and spread them to the world. One year has passed, the most important one – we could say. It’s time to celebrate Krater Music‘s first year of life.

The bosses Doctor Brage and Lewis_33 have done a tremendous job during this first year, putting Krater Music in the limelight of diversity and uniqueness, in the unity of difference, that is, to find its identity in the difference. The compilation they curated, which celebrates Krater Music‘s first year of life, is an ode to this unity of difference.

It is a multi-artist compilation, entitled Dystopie. Dystopie represents an important milestone in this continuing history of electronic music in Mexico. This unique collection of music profiles some of the artists who gave Krater Music in this first year its sound and foundation. It also looks ahead to what is to come. Writing new postcards of the future, this collection foregrounds new artists who maintain a connection to that original mission, charting ways in which this ethos can continue to build bridges and break down walls.

Seven essential themes – both classics and exclusive commissions – make up this compilation. It traces a unique line of flight: from the artists who helped define the shape of this new music to those who continue to chart its landscape.

Dystopia is a fictional representation of a future society with negative characteristics that cause human alienation. Dystopia can be seen as the other part of utopia, the imaginative representation of a future society of characteristics conducive to human good.

A year into their existence, Doctor Bagre and Lewis_33 have decided to base their unity of difference – the search for their identity in diversity – on the dystopia/utopia difference. Throughout the seven tracks that make up this compilation, such a distinction is constructed.

Vulture and Spiral are fuel for a hundred percent punk attitude in which spirals of darkness and impressive security are formed: two of Krater Music‘s qualities, but not the only ones. The Synchronizers‘ track, The Prophecy, gives us a hint of Mexican label sonic diversity: that quality takes us from punk and darkness to trip-hop and dangerous neighborhoods. Two sonic edges from which to look at the infinite melting pot of the Mexican label’s sound.

Kulebra and his Lunar Shade take us to lunar atmospheres, amidst alien encrypted voices. The sound, once again, is different. From high density and rhythmic power, we move on to apocalyptic valleys of silence and despair, in which dystopia seems to take over the atmosphere in David Durst and his Imaginary Traces. Maybe, the utopia is lost on the horizon, leaving its counterpart to take the front.

After four tracks, the sounds are difficult to synthesize and varied from one another. Is it possible to find unity in such diversity? This is the quality and subtlety of the direction of Doctor Bagre and Lewis_33, who make it possible to assemble a uniform whole from the dystopia/utopia concept, which manages to unify such dissimilarity of sounds.

The melting pot of sound opens up further, showing Krater Music‘s capacity for openness. Abigail and her Presentir surround us with violins and celestial halos, amidst medieval semantics and structures, from which the future seems almost ungraspable. Yet the future is played out between dystopia and utopia, between hope and alienation, between the sonorous strings and the silence that comes after them.

Vulture‘s Poetry shows signs that the dystopian apocalypse is beginning to materialize. Krater Music’s Dystopie has taken the last face of its full form. But from dystopia emerges the unity of difference: because without utopia there is no dystopia. Just as, in the case of Krater Music, without difference, there is no possibility of unity.

Lewis_33 ends up encapsulating everything within the psyche in Der kampf gegen mein ich, a German phrase that can be translated as “the fight against my ego”. Of sensual but frightening vocals and subtle but thick Acid knobs, Krater Music‘s direction couldn’t have had better people in charge. Doctor Brage‘s visual direction has formed a diverse visual palette, keeping the label’s principles; while the label’s management has found in Lewis_33 the way to realise the unity of difference.

A first year of Krater Music‘s existence that can only herald many more years to come. A year that shows that diversity is a sine qua non quality of existence and sound art. Because, without diversity, how could there be any possibility of variation? Krater Music has hit the nail on the head. At Club Furies, we keep an eye out for each of their new releases.

Title: Dystopie V/A
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Krater Music
Catalog: KM040
Curatorship: Doctor Bagre & Lewis_33
Release Date: May 27th, 2022 on Bandcamp

1. Vulture – Spiral 05:12
2. Synchronizers – The Prophecy 04:45
3. Kulebra – Lunar shade 06:21
4. David Durst – Imaginary traces 05:20
5. Abigail V – Presentir 04:10
6. Vulture – Poetry 04:36
7. Lewis_33 – Der kampf gegen mein ich 08:27

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