Club Furies Premiere: Mascarpone — Source Control [Khoinix]

Mascarpone is the EBM-oriented electronic music project created in 2018 by Hugo Bussiere. His influences come mainly from old-school EBM, expanding to all kinds of electronic music. For his new release, Mascarpone has wanted to deepen the direction he has taken in his last work, Structures.

He presents it via Khoinix, the fresh new label and event series based in London and Istanbul, focusing on dark Techno, EBM, Coldwave, and industrial sounds, curated by Arrosa.

Holigarchy is called and it consists of four original tracks – Your Body, Ruling Class, NZNZZ, and Source Control. It is a concept with multiple nods to the great techno-electronic producers of the distant and recent past. A tribute to artists like Dopplereffekt, Model 500, Kraftwerk, and even The Hacker. In other words, Holigarchy is an ode to futuristic electronic music.

A journey that subsumes us in dystopian atmospheres and mechanical feelings through some analog sounds, synth beats, and drum machines. In our words, a great Electro-Techno-EBM work of art. A great Mascarpone/Khoinix synergy.

Club Furies presents the premiere of Source Control. The title takes us back to some kind of source control. What source are we talking about? To the energy that funds, builds, and reproduces Holigarchy. Electricity, power, smug security, and darkness are the elements of our premiere.

Once all the elements of Source Control have been poured in, what follows is their harmonic becoming. This creates mystery and nostalgia halos, resembling the visual atmospheres of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy: darkness, action, and pessimism. It is an extraordinary work, all of Mascarpone‘s Holigarchy by Khoinix.

Artist: Mascarpone
Title: Holigarchy
Label: Khoinix
Country: UK
Format: 4 × File, WAV
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro, Techno, EBM
Mixing and Mastering: Nathan Moas and Brendan Zacharias at Cirrus Audio
Release Date: June 3rd, 2022 on Bandcamp

1. Your Body 04:22
2. Ruling Class 03:34
3. NZNZZ 05:15
4. Source Control 04:04

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