Club Furies Premiere: konphas — System Failure [defmain records]

konphas is an artist born and raised in Berlin, Germany, who started to get into electronic music production only in 2019. His focus lies on Techno, Ambient and Experimental music. Before his foray into electronic music, he was a lifelong musician with an open mind and a classical musical education. With those elements, he explored a variety of instruments and musical genres.

He also has a degree in engineering and is inspired by combining the rational world of science with the emotional and metaphysical nature of the arts, which may explain his preference for sculpting sounds using modular synthesizers. He is currently pursuing another master’s degree in Audio Communication and Technology at the Technical University of Berlin and he is taking composition classes at the Berlin University of the Arts.

He has recently discovered his passion for disc jockeying, developing a style within the darker, deeper, and harder realm of Techno. However, at the core of his artistic activity lies a profound rejection of stylistic boundaries and a desire to explore new sonic territories.

Now, for the upcoming release on our beloved Canadian label, defmain music, konphas presents his new release. “Close your eyes and let your mind wander into a world full of noisy mechanical noisy machinery”. This is how System Failure is presented, a sonic work composed of four original tracks – Propaganda, System Failure, Slave Labor, and Renewal.

This world may scare us when we are immediately confronted with it. But once konphas tames all the sonic creatures, this universe becomes a thrilling adventure. All tracks are built for massive Techno dancefloors. Consistent with the characteristics of Hard Techno, konphas goes further, adding layers and textures to produce rich tracks with an evolving story.

The first track is entitled Propaganda. Propaganda is the action and effect of making something known in order to attract followers or buyers. What is the followers’ konphas‘ sound that wants to win? It is the Techno sound that has defined defmain music, this time in the hands of this talented producer: aggressive, rocky, rough, dark, stormy. It is this last quality that will become fact: from stormy sound to storm formation.

The homonymous track, System Failure, is a metaphor for the fact of not conforming to stylistic limits and the explicit desire to explore new sonic territories. The sound poured out by Propaganda is radicalized by the inclusion of metallic elements, those that cause systemic failure.

Mallets of electrified metal become incipient in the sound system of clear and established boundaries. The result is the demolition and blurring of such boundaries and the construction of new, lax, and ethereal limits. After that, delirium and freneticism take hold in the matrix of sound.

Slave Labor is the alienation of sound through the mental hypnosis it produces and its consequences on the dancefloor. The dancefloor is locked into a trance, as the machines of The War of the Worlds (from the science fiction novel by H.G. Wells) prepare to attack. Blinding beams pass around us. Our only shields are the decaying robotic arms of Slave Labor.

Renewal is the culmination of this extraordinary work. Renewal in formless form. The total fracturing of the boundary system; the renewed birth of a boundary system without boundaries. The freneticism unleashed from the first track drops at times on this track, showing signs of approaching silence.

However, out of the reluctant silence emerges again the empowered delirium. Undoubtedly, konphas Techno ensures unbridled dance, relentlessly pounding the basements and floors where System Failure sounds. Another great stamp on the defmain music catalog.

This is how konphas joins the defmain music roster with this powerful and innovative work. United in the same goal of contributing to the global Techno community with creativity, they are ready to break new musical barriers.

Artist: konphas
Title: System Failure
Release Date: June 9, 2022, on defmain music
Label: defmain music
Catalog: DEFMAIN37
Mastering: Mattias Fridell (Plugin Music)
Format: Digital
Distribution: AMPsuite

1- Propaganda (Original mix)
2- System Failure (Original mix)
3- Slave Labor (Original mix)
4- Renewal (Original mix)

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