Club Furies Premiere: Chriz.jae — The Air That I Breathe [PRX Records]

Barcelona-based Spanish label PRX Records celebrates its tenth release in its catalog. This release also celebrates its first birthday, which bodes well for a big celebration.

With the aim of bringing party sensations to the dancefloor, the Praxis label has assembled a bunch of incredible producers, who have contributed to the formation of this Various Artists Compilation. Alarico, Chriz.jae, EBD, Ikari, Lobster, Palma, Paul Laurens, and Sam Duties are the chosen ones.

Club Furies presents the premiere of the collaboration of Chriz.jae, a disc jockey, and producer from Hannover, Germany, known for his groovy low-end and unusual textures; for his soaring synths and undulating effervescence that take us on an otherworldly journey.

His previous work has received support from artists such as DVS1, Freddy K, MARRØN, Rene Wise, Setaoc Mass, Temudo, Slam, Len Faki, Inhaltdernacht, and more. With releases on SecessionInfluenced RecordsDrawner RecordsTMM RecordsEntourage ConceptOscillator OnePatterns Records, and Diffuse Reality Records, he now comes to PRX Records.

The Air That I Breathe is the name of his song. The Air That I Breathe is a metaphor for what we really breathe: Techno, party, and dance. At breakneck speeds, the air is light and devilish at the same time, running unstoppable.

As a goods train, coming from Hannover, Germany, heading for the streets of Barcelona, Spain, while crossing France, the road only serves to continuously refuel itself, aiming straight for its destination. It crashes onto the dance floor, detonating frenzied and uncontrollable dances.

Track: Chriz.jae — The Air That I Breathe
Totle: Park Bench II
Artist: Varios Artistas
Label: PRX Records
Mastering: Sintetics Studio
Release Date: May 30th, 2022 on Bandcamp

1. Alarico – After Laughter Comes Tears
2. Chriz.jae – The Air that I Breathe
3. EBD – Malorum
4. Ikari – La Puta Praxa
5. Lobster – Phoenix Force
6. Palma – Magnetism
7. Paul Laurens – Karah
8. Sam Duties – 01010011

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