Club Furies Premiere: Wirewound — Rotating Structure I [Subsist Records]

Wirewound is the alter ego of producer Sorin Paun, based in Bucharest, Romania. After some releases on Dark Industry, Acre Recordings, and Crazy Language, his first full-length album was released in early 2020 on Kaer’Uiks. These releases fused hard Breakbeats and Electro with Industrial Techno influences. Currently, their sound focuses on intertwining Offbeat Techno with layers of distortion, noise, and textures that flow in and out of the tracks in a tension between chaos and control.

His freshest release is Rotordynamics, which he presents on Subsist Records. Rotordynamics can be understood as the movement of the rotor, the spinning part of an electric machine or turbine, or the rotating system that serves for the lift of gyroplanes and helicopters.

Composed of nine versions of Rotating Structure, we are in front of heavy Techno structures that in their rotation create spectacular sounds: dense, heavy, bright, apocalyptic, and nostalgic. From volcanoes in full effervescence to dark wastelands, this release is unparalleled.

Club Furies presents the premiere of the first version of Rotating Structure, the one that mobilizes the structure. A coded sound that gravitates around Techno. From that edge, agitated electric tensions are formed. In their continuous clash, synergies are generated in crescendo. They finally emerge in extraterrestrial dancefloors, whose major totem is the rotor of this work.

At its peak, the sound ends up expiring on the horizon, when at the beginning it sighed between sharp swords. The brightness of that edge thickened and solidified, turning into boiling lava. The icy crusts that go to the bottom of the art, whose front is the Rotordynamics, could be that or dry lava. We will have to advance this Techno rotor to find out.

Artist: Wirewound
Title: Rotordynamics
Label: Subsist Records
Catalog: SUBSIST​.​161D
Mastered by Sorin Paun
Artwork by Sorin Paun
Release Date: May 26th, 2022 por Bandcamp

1. Rotating Structure I
2. Rotating Structure II
3. Rotating Structure II
4. Rotating Structure IV
5. Rotating Structure V
6. Rotating Structure VI
7. Rotating Structure VII
8. Rotating Structure VIII
9. Rotating Structure IX

“Sound Expression Against World Pressure”.

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