Club Furies Premiere: Eafhm — Fear [Diffuse Reality Records]

Jorge Echaniz, better known as Eafhm, is a multidisciplinary project created from the evolution of different artistic and exploratory stages. Based in Mexico City, this project has developed different facets, including a career as a performer and audio producer by experimenting with a variety of musical sequences.

Eafhm seeks the integration of interpersonal ideas oscillating between a variety of solid conceptions. This project also defines the artist’s transformation that has developed under different aliases over many years. Each performance is made to create an atmosphere based on sound art, generative art, and Techno in its different variations.

Eafhm‘s talent arrives at the Spanish label Diffuse Reality Records to present Fiber Of Inner Energy, a work composed of four original tracks – Disappointment, Despair, Crying, and Fear. This fiber of inner energy referred to in the title can be both cause and consequence of the feelings addressed by the titles of the tracks of this release.

Club Furies presents the premiere of Fear, the closing track. The sound of Fear comes from the fear that plagues the depths of those inexorable caves, prostrate in the abysses of the planet. In the midst of its darkness and mystery, Fear is the emotional correlate of that situation. Once we reach the lakes that characterize some of those caves, the surface world opens up.

However, the surface we are talking about is the interior of the cave, once we have floated in its placid subterranean waters. The sound flies over this environment, amid mysterious and enigmatic halos, just as dark and cold. Fear has taken root in these environments. From disappointment and despair to weeping and fear, this is the culmination of a sound.

Artist: Eafhm
Title: Fiber Of Inner Energy
Label: Diffuse Reality Records
Format: USB / Digital
Artwork: Campos De Beats
Catalog: DRSS368
Release Date: June 6th, 2022 on Bandcamp

1. Disappointment
2. Despair
3. Crying
4. Fear

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