Club Furies Premiere: Linear System — Static Position [Illegal Alien Records]

Mexican label Illegal Alien Records welcomes back Linear System, the esoteric project started in 2020, based in northern Spain, focusing on static and spacey electronic music. This is their second release on Illegal Alien Records, following Synapse a year ago. This time, and once again, it’s a massive five-tracker, titled Invasion.

The mysterious producer has been releasing his music on major labels such as Symbolism, Dynamic Reflection, Molecular, Edit Select, Planet Rhythm, Devotion Records, Prophet Recordings, Enux Records, just to name a few. Now, on his return to the Mexican label, he presents another great work. Invasion is composed of five original tracks, Convert, Infinite Circle, Static Position, Invasion, Prothesis.

The semantics behind Invasion are difficult to synthesize. The sound on the other hand can be synthesized in what is called Sci-Fi Techno. From Convert to Prothesis, the sound leaves us stranded in the infinity of the universe, in the midst of its stars, and planets, as much as in its mysticism and secrets.

Club Furies presents the premiere of Static Position. Within the whole work, this track can be a hiatus in all this intergalactic journey, placing itself in more earthly semantics; more precisely, in the depths of the night and the dancefloor. Static Position represents a pause in the journey in the universe and a dance spearhead on Earth.

In such sonic transition, high density, high speed, and agility, Static Position manages to place itself in the center of the sound, to further brighten the Linear System‘s position in the universe of sound.

Label: Illegal Alien Records
Artist: Linear System
Title: Invasion
Tracks): Convert, Infinite Circle, Static Position, Invasion, Prothesis
Genre: Techno
Format: Digital WAV/MP3
Catalog: IAR309
Release Date: June 6th, 2022 on Bandcamp

1. Convert
2. Infinite Circle
3. Static Position
4. Invasion
5. Prothesis

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