Club Furies Premiere: Doltz — Opacity [Artscope]

Our beloved South Korean label Artscope celebrates three years of existence with a wonderful series of Various Artist Compilations that have one thing in common. The use by artists involved at least one traditional Korean instrument in their tracks. In this process, they seek to observe cultural interactions, with which some achievements can be observed through this type of work.

The first installment was released in early 2022, led by Ecstatic River, Reign., Minjoon and Esilum. For this second installment, which will be released in June, Doltz, Alexskyspirit, Unclear, Yóhan, and Petit Astronaute are in charge. In this second installment, as in the first, it is expected that listeners will find some interesting moments while listening to these works.

This is further accentuated by the fact that for some Korean artists, their traditional sounds are like a genetically inherited cultural legacy. Seeing how these sounds tell the story using these ingredients in Techno music becomes magical. At the same time, for international artists, it will be interesting to see how they integrate these unfamiliar ingredients into their sensibility and transmit them to listeners.

Club Furies presents the premiere of the Japanese producer collaboration Shun Watanabe, better known as Doltz, who has set out to mix various elements to achieve unique music. The electricity of the earth, the sound of the environment, the spirit of animism, and technology with imagination are the elements of Doltz‘s production.

His collaboration is titled Opacity. Opacity is the quality of the opaque and refers to that which impedes the passage of light, as opposed to the diaphanous. The sound of Opacity is based on this distinction between the opaque and the diaphanous, playing on the ambivalence of opaque/ diaphanous. But such a distinction runs in the apparent. In essence, something else happens.

It is about the immersion in untamed and impregnable natures, as much and as deep, far from the city and tourist hubbub. It is not about a pure nature with life in itself, but about nature being as it is, in its being and contradictions. Such is the subtlety that Doltz achieves in sound. This is a wonderful track.

Indeed, this series of Artscope anniversary compilations manages to synthesize the sound of a label with an identity of its own, which has only grown over the years, and that we have followed closely almost since its inception.

Track: Doltz — Opacity
Artist: Various Artists
Title: 3 Years of Artscope: Part II
Label: Artscope
Catalog: ACP04
Release Date: June 17th, 2022 on Bandcamp

1. Doltz – Opacity
2. Alexskyspirit – Magnetix Field
3. Unclear – Agitation
4. Yóhan – 달무리 Dalmuri
5. Petit Astronaute – The Knot of Time

Mixed and produced by Doltz, Alexskyspirit, Unclear, Petit Astronaute and Yóhan
Mastering: Giovanni Conti at Artefacts Mastering Studio
Artwork Image by 김종숙 Kim Jongsuk
Artwork Editing by Minjoon

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