Club Furies Premiere: LEXT — Sphere Three [Rhod Records]

The catalytic sound platform, always looking to take a step into the musical future, Rhod Records, presents its next release. Based in Spain, it presents producer LEXT. LEXT is the mysterious project from Belfast, Ireland, which presents itself as “electronica, IDM and other stuff”.

With two incredible albums on Diffuse Reality Records‘ sister label Teorema, which should already tell us a lot about LEXT‘s quality, it’s time for him to move on to another must-have label. Rhod Records presents his work entitled Spheres, an eight-track long play. In the words of LEXT: “The album and the track titles I came up with are a reference to the solar system, with all the planets called spheres. The album is also a way to escape from a genre of music; I needed something relaxing to take my mind off the repetitive beats”.

Club Furies presents the Sphere Three‘s premiere. The atmosphere and mood: somewhere in the galaxy, prostrate in a spaceship that is stranded, broken down, and aimless. The sound heightens the tension of the situation. And between delirious swings, the track takes us from despair and fear to its extinction through exhalations in intense suffering.

These swings become the core of the sound of our premiere, leading to the radicalization of feelings of anguish and hopelessness, which only grow in such environments. Suddenly, the universe prostrates in front of us; our ship broke down, and only an astronaut suit separates us from the potentialities of the black giant.

Artist: LEXT
Title: Spheres LP
Label: Rhod Records
Catalog: LTD007

Release Date: June 15h, 2022 on Bandcamp
Mastering: Javier (KTC Mastering)
Design: Sangrestudio

1. Sphere One
2. Sphere Two
3. Sphere Three
4. Sphere Four
5. Sphere Five
6. Sphere Six
7. Sphere Seven
8. Sphere Eight

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