Club Furies Premiere: Rommwick — Huldo [Diffuse Reality Records]

Berlin-based duo Rommwick arrives at Barcelona-based Spanish label Diffuse Reality Records. Rommwick presents Zaffer, an album of six original tracks – Sekra, Loden, Uzet, Huldo, Beth, and Rönt – which are accompanied by remixes by Katran and ANFS.

Sapphire or alkylphenol is a chemical mixture used to stain glass and ceramics blue. It is mainly cobalt oxide mixed with quartz and powdered. The word zafre comes from the Arabic zahr, which in turn seems to come from the Persian zahr. In other semantics, it is related to sapphire.

Club Furies presents the premiere of Huldo. A track of just over four minutes in which there is only one success: blow after blow, sledgehammer after sledgehammer, the sound bulldozes everything around it like a bulldozer. As a storm of Hard Techno and Industrial, the dancer has been imbued with demonic dances.

Artist: Rommwick
Title: Zaffer
Label: Diffuse Reality Records
Remixes: Katran & ANFS
Format: USB / Digital
Artwork: Campos De Beats
Catalog: DRSS412
Release Date: June 28, 2022, on Bandcamp

1. Sekra
2. Loden
3. Uzet
4. Huldo
5. Huldo (Katran Remix)
6. Beth
7. Beth (ANFS Remix)
8. Rönt

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