Club Furies Premiere: Piero Ceraolo — Solar Storms [Primitive State Records]

The talented Argentinean producer, based in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina, Piero Ceraolo, continues his ascending path in the international underground scene. He is a budding artist and active promoter of the scene in the north of his country. Some of his most recent works have been released on Primitive State Records, Trucking Records,  Árido Records, Dynamic Form, Concepto Hipnótico.

Now, he returns to Brazilian label Primitive State Records to present a full extended play, Exodus, composed of five original tracks – Roots, Solar Storms, Materia Escura, Light Years, and Order. The word exodus comes from the late Latin exŏdus, and this from the Greek ἔξοδος exodos ‘departure’, which refers to the emigration of a people or a crowd of people. In sound, these are five cuts that showcase skills centered on dense atmospheres and bases.

Club Furies presents the premiere Solar Storms, the place where the sonic exodus initiated by Piero Ceraolo takes us. A solar storm, also known as a geomagnetic storm, is a temporary disturbance of the Earth’s magnetosphere, caused by a solar wind shock wave and/or a coronal mass ejection interacting with the Earth’s magnetic field. That is the sound situation in which our premiere has us embedded. In the midst of solar storms that just won’t stop.

In short, according to our semantics: these are unstoppable Techno storms, powerful and voracious, deadly, against which we have no defense whatsoever. The power is such that the sound becomes impasses that slow down after passing through stable magnetic fields. After that, the sound stabilizes, taking us away from the solar storms.

Artist: Piero Ceraolo
Title: Exodus EP
Label: Primitive State Records
Catalog: PSR103
Producer: Piero Ceraolo
Artwork: Dannie
Mastering: Anders (BR)
Release Date: June 24, 2022, on Beatport | Bandcamp

1. Roots
2. Solar Storms
3. Materia Escura
4. Light Years
5. Order

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