Club Furies Premiere: Raiju Manah — Selva Oscura [Concrete Records]

“Close the circle and get to the solution. To be concrete, in form and in ideas”. When musical experiences come together and interact with each other in a circular way, the result is Concrete Records, a new independent label working from Rome, Italy, on the world electronic scene.

Concrete Records was born from the desire to contribute creatively and effectively to the diffusion of a new way of making electronic music: working together to overcome current production patterns and facilitate the search for a shared style, the fruit of the experience, sounds, and musical choices of artists from all over the world. Concrete Records is a versatile group of artists, with many musical nuances that merge into one sound, with multiple mixes.

The Concrete Records style is a work in progress. There is no starting or finishing point. It is an identity that is built on the movement that evolved into different types of current electronic music. The owners of the label: Francesco Maddalena, Maurizio Cascella, Daniele Bazzanti.

Joining this bastion of independent electronic music is Raiju Manah, an artist who has imprinted his sonic character with a revolutionary style of Industrial Techno, IDM, and Ambient Techno, and by the way one of our favorite producers. He presents Oscura, a work of three original tracks – Dark Forest, Drug Society, and Dumb Box – to mark the line in the catalog of the Roman label number cnc067.

Club Furies presents the premiere of Selva Oscura. Drawing a simile to the Black Forest (Schwarzwald), the densely forested mountain massif located in the southwest of Germany, in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, the sound of our track is dense, heavy, and dark. Gravitating between Hypnotic/Deep Techno and Industrial Techno, it forms a brutal pendulum, which plunges everything into the realms of Raiju Manah.

We now know that we perch in the depths of the dark/black jungle, from where the mission is to find the nearest basements. In them, the party has broken out, to the rhythm of Darkness. Raiju Manah has provided us with dissimilar parallel places: floors laid out for the dance and dense jungles. It is time to make the connection.

Artist: Raiju Manah
Release: Oscura
Label: Concrete Records
Catalog: cnc067
Format: Digital
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno
Video by Liliana Caycedo Hernández aka. Lilitxt
Release Date: July 4, 2022, on Bandcamp

— Tracklist —
01. Selva Oscura (Original Mix)— 06:06
02. Drug Society (Original Mix) — 05:46
03. Dumb Box (Original Mix) — 05:51

Written, Production, Record & Mix: Dino Valentino
Mastered by Maurizio Cascella

© Concrete Records 2022. Distributed worldwide by Beatrising Distributors.

– Surrounded by people, completely alone.

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