Club Furies Premiere: Fixon — Cosmic Anguish [UCKER]

The new launch of our beloved Argentinian label, based in Buenos Aires, has arrived. It’s UCKER, whose curation has led to the label’s unique positioning. The Techno it releases is always of the highest quality; from emerging and well-positioned artists.

This time is Fixon, the Mexican talent, also known as Fixon Moheno. He has a solid career in the Mexican underground scene. More than 15 years as a professional disc jockey and more than 12 years as a producer, he is part of the Illegal Alien Records team and co-founder of ANAØH.

Fixon has established himself as one of the most recognized Mexican Techno artists with international reach abroad. Currently, he presents his live PA sessions with 100% original music, using technology to deliver an experience that envelops the audience in a journey of senses: from euphoria to hypnosis through driving bass lines and avant-garde sounds that offer a style that portrays his own musical DNA.

Now, he’s hitting Ucker Records to premiere Everything Tastes Little, which is accompanied by remixes from Spain’s Kessell and Mexico’s Fixeer. Club Furies presents the premiere of the original mix titled Cosmic Anguish.

The cosmic anguish referred to in the title of the song leads us to an extrapolation of earthly anguish to cosmic territories. How to do it? Through the strength and universality of Techno. Through the increasing intensity and rhythm in the sound, Techno is embedded with superterrestrial force.

On another sound level, the track is covered with flashes from the universe: shooting stars, imploding planets, black holes moving away, and suns illuminating the universe. And so the sound becomes one in a magnificent way.

Artist: Fixon
Title: Everything Tastes Little
Remixes: Kessell & Fixeer
Label: UCKER
Catalog: UCKER 009
Format: Vinyl | Digital
Release Date: July 4, 2022, on Bandcamp

1. A1 – Fixon – Visceral Boredom
2. A2 – Fixon – Cosmic Anguish
3. A3 – Fixon – Visceral Boredom (Kessell Remix)
4. B1 – Fixon – Everything Tastes Little
B2 – Fixon – Cosmic Anguish (Fixeer Remix)

W & P by Fixon
P + C UCKER 2022
All Rights Reserved
Mastered by Dig-it at Fractal Sono Lab in Mexico City
Limited Copies

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