Club Furies Premiere: ASH — Heartbreak Triangle [Dosis Records]

Dosis Records is the record label that aims to investigate the independent sound. Based in Santiago, Chile, their sound swirls around Deep Techno, Ambient, and Experimental. Established as recently as 2021, their Various Artists Compilation is titled Reflections. After two editions, here comes the third one.

The third edition features Anomali, ASH, Esteban Miranda, Fernie, Petit Astronaute, Pulso AS, Russ (Arg), Traversable Message, Vaadyam, and Zemög. In Reflections III the sound spectrum takes us back to the essence of Dosis Records. Club Furies presents the premiere of ASH’s collaboration, called Heartbreak Triangle.

Leandro Rossi is a Brazilian artist, originally from São Paulo, Brazil, based in Barcelona, Spain, since 2012. Better known as ASH, a space traveler who explores the Universe, searching for intelligent beings, establishing the first contact with them through rhythmic sound vibrations, also known as Techno by some developed civilizations.

Hypnotism! Based on Osho’s active meditation, realized through defined low frequencies, rhythmic pulsating bass, acid-modulated flying synthesizers, 432hz space mantras resonances, minimalistic crunchy noise elements, and alien abduction drone ambiances is the best way to explain their art.

For ASH, the goal of every hypnosis session is to inspire freedom. It’s about getting people to disconnect from the outside and connect deeply with what they feel. It is about creating a sense of well-being in a collective sensory fusion and getting the audience on the dance floor to express their emotions by moving their bodies.

Heartbreak Triangle is a sonic exploration that takes us to visual landscapes embedded in the depths of the earth’s crust. Amidst deep caves and placid waters, ASH’s sound spreads across this terrain. Swings of intensity form a pendulum that builds the bridge out of this place.

In the end, the bridge disappears into the horizon. After all, the ASH track is the second in this compilation. We have yet to cross the rest of Reflections III and thus discover its potentialities.

Track: ASH — Heartbreak Triangle
Title: Reflections III
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Dosis Records
Catalog: DSS012
Mastering: J. David Lucio at G89 Records Studios
Artwork: Sam Wilson
Release Date: July 7, 2022, on Bandcamp

1. Anomali – Gräns
2. ASH – Heartbreak Triangle
3. Esteban Miranda – La Sombra Del Viento
4. Fernie – Methuselah
5. Petit Astronaute – The Great Escape
6. Pulso AS – Low
7. Russ (ARG) – Almonte
8. Traversable Message – Deliberation
9. Vaadyam – Eternal Disease
10. Zemög – Luz del Sur

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