Club Furies Premiere: William Arist — Vanati Beada-o (Album Mix) [Perseverancia Records]

William Arist is an artist from Uruguay, disc jockey, and producer of Techno music. He is part of labels such as Uncage, Bek Audio, On Edge Society, and Break New Soil, among others. He runs his own label Perseverancia Records. After eight releases, which are finding the aesthetic essence of the label, comes the ninth. It is Basquade, the album produced by the boss.

The title of the album means “get up” in the extinct Charrúa language. It is divided into episodes that tell a single story. From the beginning, the sound is cinematic where the listener is immersed in a jungle environment to preamble what will be almost 40 continuous minutes of Tribal Techno with mystical and organic atmospheres. The money from the sales will be donated to the Amazon Watch organization, dedicated to the protection of the Amazon and the indigenous communities linked to it.

The album tells a story in which the jungle as a representation of nature is besieged by the excessive desire for progress. Due to this fact, it must free itself from the attack by its own means. This is how the call of Basquade (arise) makes us all participants and responsible for acting in its defense. It is a fictional analogy to the real fact that we should all become aware of and act upon the destruction to which we contribute daily.

Each track has a meaning. For example, Vanati Beada-o means “children of mother earth” in Chaná; Is me da ti geppian means “you want to sow”. Other songs, such as Integrity, contain an interview with a woman who has been fighting for 15 years to defend Mapuche lands, while Fear In The Jungle is an allusion to the tense climate of the jungle, which is under attack by human hands.

The intention of this release is to move the Techno scene from its natural environment, the club, to a more human and spiritual context: Native American languages, indigenous struggles in defense of the land, and the destruction of biodiversity. Despite the serious subject matter, Basquade is a very pleasant album to listen to, with an inspiring and fresh spirit, with passages ranging from the emotional and reflective to the rhythmic and danceable. In conclusion, Basquade is an album with a cinematic Techno aesthetic that through its narrative concept tries to promote environmental awareness and the participation of the Techno scene in such a theme.

Club Furies is happy to participate in the release of Vanati Beada-o, which means “children of mother earth”. Hijxs de la madre tierra is an exceptional sample of the entire work; a subtle combination of Techno and Tribal with Ambient that truly chills the soul with feelings of completeness. A track that achieves Basquade’s mission: to connect with untamed nature.

From the beginning, with a more vivacious Techno, to the end, with nature more alive than ever, Vanati Beada-o communicates Techno outside the club, inside the deepest natures, untouched by human beings.

Artist: William Arist
Title: Basquade
Label: Perseverancia Records
Catalog: PERR006
Format: Digital
Genre: Tribal, Techno, Cinematic, Ambient
Release Date: 18, August

1. Episode I (Intro)
2. Moral Song (Album Mix)
3. Interlude I
4. Is me da ti geppian (Album Mix)
5. Interlude II
6. Episode II
7. Vanati Beada-o (Album Mix)
8. Interlude III
9. Jingo (Don’t Worry) (Album Mix)
10. Episode III
11. Integrity
12. Fear In The Jungle (Album Mix)
13. Episode IV
14. Basquade (Album Mix)
15. Interlude IV
16. Resurrection (Album Mix)
17. Outro

Written and produced by William Arist
Mixed and mastered by William Arist

By Perseverancia Records | Uruguay, 2022

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