Club Furies Premiere: Jdotbalance — Wilin’ [Fixed Rhythms]

Introducing the electronic music project curated by love and intuition, called Fixed Rhythms. The project is based on the motto “to be found/love in sound”, based in Oklahoma City and New York City. Their latest release is spearheaded by Chicago-based Chicanx electronic music producer Jdotbalance, via Texas, who runs the newsletter, party, and mix series Gud4u.

Jdotbalance presents a board-breaking debut vinyl release entitled High Exposure. Filled with a futuristic mix of sexy, raucous club and fast-paced Techno propulsions, it shows just how varied the energy palette of American club music is.

Let’s opens the A-side with a quick Techno kick and flickers of static. Wonky pings wander left and right. This track is a real traveler: from start to finish it will have the dancefloor wishing for this condensed epic fantasy, which inexhaustibly traverses moods and instrumentals, to engulf the club and continue the stomping journey through the devil’s guts.

The A2, Buzzer, has a different boom, but the same amount of bumps. Claps dance around the 2s and 4s, showing how to move to the beat of Jdot’s vision of swirling, energetic club music. A vocal sample swells like a siren. The kick moves in triplets. The peak is psychological. The track drops just in time to pick up its energy with big bass melodies that bring it to an underwater-sounding close.

The B-side kicks off with Wilin’, which brings together the club kick and the undulating melody that floats over the top in rhythm. Interesting rhythm changes make us rethink our body position. Glimpses of the UK can be heard lurching to snuggle up to the ever-evolving contemporary American club landscape. Whippit closes the whole shebang with a swirling, up-tempo excursion that packs a punch, and makes it clear that Jdot doesn’t mess around.

Club Furies presents the opener Wilin’, whose beat is pure partying that fades into sexy, very dirty dalliances all the way to the idyll. Once the sonic orgasm arrives, it’s time to speed things up progressively until reaching silence once again. Caution! Highly flammable tracks!

Artist: Jdotbalance
Title: High Exposure
Label: Fixed Rhythms
Catalog: FRS016
Format: Vinyl | Digital
Release Date: July 29th, 2022, on Bandcamp

1. A1 Let’s
2. A2 Buzzer
3. B1 Wilin’
4. B2 Whippit

Written, produced, and mixed by Jdotbalance.
Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann.
Design by Nick Owen.
Distributed by One Eye Witness.

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