Club Furies Mix Series: Cintas Furiosas Present leloopar

Leloopar is composed of three parts: [le] [loop] [art]. This alias mixes two characteristics that define the music that our dear producer Daniel creates and spreads. “Loop” is due to the looping of rhythmic parts, riffs, or melodies, whose intention is to create seductive grooves that stimulate the body to dance. “Art” is due to the artistic treatment of sound motifs to create a wide range of atmospheres.

The investigation of distinctive sounds is the core of his musical framework. Layering textures to create original grooves, leloopar adopts innovative technologies but does not hesitate to mix astonishingly diverse sound and production techniques to surprise his audience. Collaboration plays a crucial role in the music creation process, and to further his contribution, leloopar founded the label defmain music – one of our favorites, whom we have been fortunate to have featured in several of our letters.

The goal of defmain music is to get Techno artists the exposure they deserve. That fact is of great value to leloopar, as well as the quick endorsement of grumpy Techno artists, a great reward that drives him to strive for success.

With constant releases, which become dancefloor killers, defmain music has positioned itself as one of the favorite labels at Club Furies HQ. Led by leloopar, who also delivers constant bombs, highly selective releases – something we love – and brutal sessions, this is someone to keep a close eye on.

Club Furies brings you leloopar‘s Furious Tape. Almost an hour of some of leloopar‘s favorite tools, stored away in the boot for a while. He’s picked our tape series, given us the key, and we’ve decided to dig into it.

Infinite loops of Techno, in which time and space vanish, or at least, change their common dimensions. Let’s put on our seatbelts, give it a play and let’s go through this Rosen-Einstein time tunnel. Thank you very much, leloopar!

1. Minus Magnus – Cynical Romance – Main Mix
2. Lost Algorithm – Transistor – Original Mix
3. DSOURCE – Spectrum
4. Intellagama – Epidural [HGB
5. Hyperianist – Cavernous [UNDG003]
6. Roysat – Just Breathe (Goldzik Remix) [BLACKSR349]
7. Jeroen Search & Pushmann – Magnitude Leap [BAO082]
8. Uun – Supermodernism
9. Raul Young – Blurry Vision
10. Manic Brothers – Serious Tweaker – Original Mix
11. Akos Wex – CE
12. Deas – Abroad

Sigue a leloopar:

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Club Furies:

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