Club Furies Premiere: Alone — Albatro [Alone]

After releasing his first physical label, the Italian producer based in Berlin, Germany, Alone, presented his digital series. Two releases at the moment: a Various Artists Compilation, composed of four extraordinary tracks; and a boss work, also mind-blowing.

The third installment arrives, amidst purple and blue colors, following the yellow and sky blue colors of the first two installments. It is an artwork that in its aesthetics could lead us to think of a warmer and calmer type of sound; in the concreteness of the sound, it is fierce Techno that takes over the limelight.

Club Furies presents the premiere of Albatro, the third track of the four that make up this work – the other tracks are Valves, Not A Bad Story, and Anubi. The albatross is a large seabird, a very good flyer, with white plumage and very long, narrow wings, which lives mainly in the Indian and Pacific oceans.

The sound perfectly emulates the flying of the albatross, which flies ad infinitum over our radar of perception to the point of delirium. Flights and flights, overflights and overflights, which do not land anywhere, whose only objective is to stalk us. In the end, like an arrow, the sound crosses the water, subtly and placidly, gradually reaching silence.

Artist: Alone
Title: Alone Digital Series Vol. 3
Label: Alone
Catalog: ALD003
Release Date: June 10, 2022, on Bandcamp

1. Valves
2. Not A Bad Story
3. Albatro
4. Anubi

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