Club Furies Premiere: Ricardo Garduno — Hand Biting [Illegal Alien Records]

The beautiful ten-inch vinyl series from our beloved Mexican label reaches its seventh installment. This time it is also in split mode. We’re talking about Illegal Alien Records and their Horizons series, which this time features the talents of one of Spain’s finest artists Leiras and label boss Ricardo Garduno.

Each presents a track. Leiras presents Seeua and Ricardo Garduno presents Hand Bitin. The color of the beautiful artwork on this release is now a mix of pinks and purples, with the octopus dangerously surrounding us. Club Furies presents the premiere of the collaboration of the boss, our beloved Ricardo Garduno.

The Techno sound of this track is menacing, almost like the ambient sound of a horror movie. The sound progressively advances, crossing alleys, surrounding us more closely with each step it takes. In one explosion, fear and tension turn into dancer’s excitement; another crackling explosion and the anticipation builds. After that, everything stands still in the air…

From the air and the fleeting silence, the sound again forges tension into the atmosphere. Sharp swords in the air and bulldozers on the ground lead us to exhale a last sigh. In doing so, the sound manages to reinvent itself – the production genius is impeccable. The chase emulated in the sound manages to reproduce itself in other rhythmic coordinates, always keeping the tension and nervousness of what is behind us on the horizon.

It is time to return to Leiras‘ track, which in itself envelops another exceptional sound world.

Label: Illegal Alien Records
Artist: Leiras, Ricardo Garduno
Title: Horizons: Three
Tracks: Seeua, Hand Biting
Genre: Techno
Format: Vinyl 10′ / Digital WAV/AIFF/MP3
Catalog: IARLTDT007
Mastering: Dig-it at Fractal Sono Lab
Release Date: June 13, 2022, on Bandcamp

A1 – Leiras – Seeua (Original Mix)
B1 – Ricardo Garduno – Hand Biting (Original Mix)

Written & Produced by Leiras, Ricardo Garduno
Mastered by Dig-it at Fractal Sono Lab
Limited Pressing

Illegal Alien Records 2022 | Published by Copyright Control

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