Club Furies Premiere: ^L_ — Loner [Antime]

^L_ is the name of Brazilian producer and sound artist Luis Fernando. His debut album was released in 2014 through the Berlin-based Antime platform. In 2015, ^L_ embarked on a successful two-week tour of Germany with his Antime labelmate AAAA. He then released his more dancefloor-oriented EP, The Outsider, also through Antime in 2016.

Aside from his work as a producer, Fernando regularly teaches sound design workshops focusing on film and radio work. Fernando started making music as a young teenager, citing bands like My Bloody Valentine or Nine Inch Nails as inspiration for his first shoegaze-leaning excursions into the music world. The older he got, the more eclectic his tastes and his own varied output became. Nowadays, ^L_ works mostly in digital and oscillates between sounds inspired by film scores, Acid Techno, Noise, and abstract electronic music.

Now, once again, ^L_ shows his versatility and a wide range of musical influences on his fourth solo release on Berlin’s experimental label Antime. ^L_ re-emerges with a solid and versatile EP named after his first name, Luis, a work of three original tracks – Howl Overdrive, Damaged Citizen, and Loner. Following his last two highly praised works – The Skull and Eyes of The Old Man – this new piece is as personal and subjective as its title suggests. As it progresses, his approach delves into the darker realms of his inner self, digging into a raw path between fear and courage.

The concept behind it is to depict the life of an ordinary person, modeled on the usual slogans of our contemporary society. According to these mottos, we get up every day, pay our taxes, go to work, spend a fortune on gadgets, come home, watch TV series, sleep and start again the next day. The artwork for this release, a self-portrait painted by Fernando, shows his vision of how life can be hard and threatening, but also unique and beautiful if you have a sense of humor.

Howl Overdrive is an amalgamation of dirty breakbeats, horror movie lines, electric laser beams, and a dark digest, screaming his instinctive and wild side. Damaged Citizen blends the best of Luis‘ two worlds: tribal percussions that represent his visceral feelings and industrial beat elements that run like clockwork, as one’s life sways amidst automated daily duties and emotional experiences.

Club Furies presents the Loner premiere, who jumps into Luis‘ futuristic self while showcasing his knowledge of old school referencing EBM Coldwave, Darkwave, Cyberpunk Culture, and Acid Techno with his alternating bass lines and sound choices.

His songs always bring up themes of loneliness, sometimes perfectly chaotic, sometimes beautifully. Loner is a winding path through EBM darkness, lingering indeterminately, progressively deepening the surrounding darkness. Once such a sound seems to have no end, the Acid knobs reactivate the soul of the dancer, which lay between the bulldozer and piercing drums.

The Acid is intense but fleeting. It penetrates through the labyrinths that Loner has created. Among them, the one that leads Industrial is the one that takes the lead. Thus, between Industrial, EBM, Acid, and dark electronics, as a whole, we reach the point of no return, the dead-end, the beautiful artwork of this release.

Artist: ^L_
Totle: Luis
Label: Antime
Catalog: Antime37
Release Date: March 12, 2022, on Bandcamp

1. Howl Overdrive 07:04
2. Damaged Citizen 07:45
3. Loner 06:20

Produced by Luis Fernando
Painting by Luis Fernando

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