Club Furies Premiere: Maks — Galacticacid [Műhely]

The creator and selector of electronic music from Budapest, Hungary, co-founder of Panel Trax Records, Fraktal Sound Organization, and Óvantag Tapintat, comes to Műhely. Műhely is a Techno label, as well as an event series, also based in Budapest, Hungary, run by Adam Krasz, Normal Tamas, and Obwigszyh. This trio has been committed to leading the local scene with their signature rave parties, nights of euphoria, dance, and sweat.

We first met Műhely a year ago, and since then they have become one of our favorite labels. With select releases – which we love – and a stunning design aesthetic, we are happy to present one of their releases again. This time it’s their seventeenth release, led by Maks.

Maks presents a pack of five original tracks – Weltribe, Drifttribe, Traumtool, Galacticacid, and Trashtool – with all the essence of Műhely and his own. Between deep, rocky caves, and equally rugged ledges, comes the vital liquid. We speak of Galacticacid and its all-melting Acid knobs.

Amidst such rockiness and dented metal – like the beautiful artwork of this release– the Acid comes to the fore ipso facto. As the track surfaces further, leaving the caving sand behind, the Acid embeds itself all over the place, albeit in a way mediated by the tension and excitement that Maks‘ sound design raises. The Acid knobs come and go, functioning also as a tensioner of the ambiance.

So between the high intensity of Acid and the low decibels of latent Techno/Industrial, the track achieves a unique ambivalence that sits simultaneously between delirium and madness and calm.

Artist: Maks
Title: 013 EP
Label: Műhely
Catalog: MHL017
Release Date: June 19, 2022, on Bandcamp

1. Weltribe
2. Drifttribe
3. Traumtool
4. Galacticacid
5. Trashtool

Produced by: Maks
Mastering: Áron Lőrinczi

Photo: Ákos Kondricz (
Graphic: Ena Gergić (

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