Club Furies Premiere: Vinicius Honorio, Duncan Macdonald — Bedlam [Illegal Alien Records]

Illegal Alien Records welcomes Brazilian groove master Vinicius Honorio back to the label, following his participation in the previous installment of the Horizons series, a limited-edition 10-inch vinyl. The UK-based artist makes his return to Illegal Alien Records. This time he teams up with fellow producer Duncan Macdonald. Together they present a massive EP, entitled Ashes

Vinicius Honorio is a Brazilian electronic music artist based in London, England, hailing from the bustling Brazilian metropolis of Rio de Janeiro. Vinicius Honorio has been working hard to pursue his Techno aspirations. In his latest releases, he has managed to define his Techno, dark and foreboding, while encapsulating the energy and passion that have become synonymous with his style.

Vinicius Honorio has now launched his own Techno label, Liberta Records, a name that comes from Brazilian Portuguese slang, meaning the beginning of something or freedom, something he wants to represent with the music released on his label.

Duncan Macdonald is a UK-born producer based in Berlin, Germany. He is co-founder of LowEnd Records, the fresh new Berlin label with just one release. Scottish artist has releases on Super Sound Tool, Krill Music, Hayes Collective, ARTS, Planet Rhythm, and Liberta.

Ashes include four incredible peak time tracks, rounding off another great collaborative release from these artists. The tracks that compose Ashes are the homonymous track, Bedlam, Stone of Jordan, and Nightshade. Club Furies presents the premiere of Bedlam.

Certainly in the midst of a peak time sound, Bedlam manages to be harmonious in that environment. Its particularity lies in the tones that are at the same time nostalgic and accentuate the fundamental vibe. So, between the deepening of the rave and the nostalgia, the dancer dissolves on the dance floor.

Once we have been subsumed by the sound of Bedlam, darkness takes over the whole atmosphere; the dance locks and hypnotizes; the dancefloor accommodates itself to the waves of sound. And Vinicius Honorio and Duncan Macdonald manage to make an incredible track.

Label: Illegal Alien Records
Artist: Vinicius Honorio, Duncan Macdonald
Title: Ashes
Tracks: Ashes, Bedlam, Stone of Jordan, Nightshade
Genre: Techno
Format: Digital WAV/MP3
Catalog: IAR310
Release Date: June 20, 2022, on Bandcamp

1. Ashes
2. Bedlam
3. Stone of Jordan
4. Nightshade

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