Club Furies Premiere: Saurio — Silicon Tree [Diffuse Reality Records]

Bogotá-based Colombian producer Felipe Párraga, also known as Saurio, lands in Barcelona, Spain. After appearing on the British label DEATH CERT. Records, the Greek label Corpus Black, the Colombian labels Default Series RecordsBogoture RecordsPildoras TapesIsometric music, the Argentinean label Concepto Hipnotic Rec and the Spanish labels Hxagrm Records and Diffuse Reality Records, he returns to Spain.

This time to present Hiperboria, a sonic work composed of six original tracks – Anxious, Hyperboria, Magnet, Recondito, Silicon tree, and Void. The title perhaps refers to Greek mythology, to the Hyperborea region in the still unknown northern lands, north of Thrace. The name comes from the god of the wind, Boreas, who inhabited Thrace; the Hyperboreans were his children, who inhabited the north of this kingdom, in the country of Hyperborea.

Club Furies presents the premiere of Silicon tree. Silicon is a metalloid chemical element, the second most abundant element in the earth’s crust after oxygen. The amount of silicon runs in the form of abundant sounds, which spreads throughout the player extensively. Such an overflowing quantity of sound silicon reaches as far as Hyperborea, forming finely crafted Techno trees.

In this extensive wandering, the sound creates subtle and velvety hypnosis, which lulls the dancer to sleep on the dancefloor. Such a dream, however, does not lead to the world of sleep, but to the world of the entranced dancer, to a kind of hypnotized dancing wakefulness. Silicium sonogram and the god of wind are present, to sweep away all traces of uncontrolledness, to pour softness instead.

Artist: Saurio
Title: Hiperboria
Label: Diffuse Reality Records
Format: USB / Digital
Artwork: Campos De Beats
Catalogue: DRSS377
Release Date: June 22, 2022 on Bandcamp

1. Anxious
2. Hyperboria
3. Magnet
4. Recondito
5. Silicon tree
6. Void

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