Club Furies Review: Desire as a form of sound: Controlla presents the Deseo Remixes by Pvlomo [Part One]

The word desire comes from the Latin desidium, and refers to the affective movement towards something that is desired, to the action and effect of desiring, to the object of desire, or to the impulse or venereal excitement. From the noun desire, we can derive the action of desiring, which refers to the fact of aspiring vehemently to the knowledge, possession, or enjoyment of something, longing for something to happen or not to happen, or feeling sexual desire for someone.

In one of Gilles Lipovetsky’s writings –Gustar y emocionar-, he defined contemporary society as the society of seduction. He said that “the desire to like, to attract attention to oneself, to put oneself in value and to enhance oneself […] The desire to like and the behaviors of seduction […] seem, in certain aspects, timeless, defying time, being the same since the world is a world and there are men and women in it, and ever since there have been species that reproduce sexually. Something universal and transhistorical seems to structure the choreography of seduction. The social extension of the powers of attraction, as well as their capacity to reorganize from beginning to end the great sectors of the architecture of the collective whole are at the beginning of the advent of what can legitimately be called the society of seduction”.

The society of seduction or desire finds specificity and a concrete form to be observed in art, specifically in sound art. A year ago, our beloved Mexican record label Controlla presented the talented Mexico City-born producer Pvlomo with Deseo, a juicy nine-track package of original tracks with sensual collaborations. Deseo contains tropical, fun, and dark music; it’s a psychedelic tale inspired by the paranormal, collaborating with artists representative of the scene, such as Tkuz, Galo Santo, Fausto, Tiempo de Maldad, XLR, and Diaz Tech. Deseo is the synthesis of danceable, catchy, and colorful.

A year later comes Deseo’s Remixes package, the kind that only Controlla knows how to curate and put together in a sensational way. The chosen ones are Badwolf, Guzzx, Kitschy Kitsch, Vleks, Villaseñor, The Elves, Veltrán, Undefined Pattern, Gerver, Poulper, and XLR. From the undulating bowels of Mexico City comes this high-powered vacuum-packed brick of Controllabando. These still-wet reissues of Pvlomo’s latest gas ensure that Controlla is our main plug for this hooded tech-mex shit Controlla‘ve got going on.

Badwolf is Jorge Melgar, a Mexican electronic music producer, originally from Toluca City. He relies on a particular style and expressive form: strong and hypnotizing sounds, complemented by dark atmospheres and aggressive basslines, exploding into a dark stylistic delta. He is in charge of remixing the original Deseo.

The primal sound of Deseo takes us on a trippy/psychedelic journey of pure carnal desire. In its unfolding, the desire grows ad infinitum, amid idyllic natural landscapes, similar to Bosch’s painting, The Garden of Earthly Delights. In the end, the desire for the body of the other becomes a sine qua non condition of human existence.

Badwolf takes the original Deseo sample and infuses it with his Indie Dance touch that plunges the trippy psychedelia of the original track into rave darkness. What happens next is a sensual mix of electrifying lightning and uncontrollable carnal desire. When we reach uncontrolled, the sound shifts: toward trippy minimalist drops that transition.

That transition lands us in the vicinity of the dance floor, amidst sensual bodies dancing beside us: there is nothing but sweat to the rhythm of Deseo. And suddenly, the sound enters time tunnels that momentarily take us back to the nineties. Swallowed fleetingly, the song asks us for punishment. What punishment does it refer to?

GuzzX is Roberto Guzman, producer and disc jockey originally from the city of Oaxaca (Mexico). He starts his career in 2018, focusing on Slow Techno and Disco with characteristics and own sounds, very different from what we can hear nowadays. He is in charge of the Uhu remix.

Uhu maintains the trippy/psychedelic tone of the previous track, only in more Tribal coordinates, which progressively move towards the accentuation of desire, pleasure, and indiscipline. This doesn’t mean that the sound gives free rein to the sonic uncontrol: its genius lies in unleashing the dancers’ uncontrol while maintaining control in its confection.

GuzzX’s interpretation takes up the “what you know about” as a latent manifestation of the ignorance of the desire we have. What is desire, it asks us. And so we ask ourselves, what is desire? Perhaps the glue of art and society, and of human bodies to each other.

What remains a common thread is the trippy psychedelia that can lead us to delirium, amidst its high density and well-laced vibes. In the end, the “what you know about” goes on forever, and our inner inquisitions are unleashed. Desire and human bodies dancing with each other are what remain.

Kitschy Kitsch is the project of Luis Barreto, a DJ, and producer originally from Mexico City, with more than ten years in the electronic music scene. He is in charge of remixing the original Best Friends Forever.

The sound of Best Friends Forever is an epoch of the world, which stops everything but friendship and the desire for fraternity. The rhythms loosen up a bit, and the journey has slowed down, leaving us free for a while. Thus, Pvlomo, Diaz Tech, Tiempo de Maldad, and Tkuz take us on a sonic journey of intimate and endearing ecstasy.

In the end, the motto is clear and decisive: “Bienvenidx a la fiesta” (Welcome to the party). We add, to the party of friendship, desire, and fraternity.

What Kitschy Kitsch does is to unbalance the rhythm, turning the “bienvenidx a la fiesta” into the party itself. There are no more announcements of what is to come, but concrete manifestations of what is. The dance that had been hidden in our latent side returns to the central focus: the sweaty bodies that had calmed down receive the medical discharge. All that remains is to slow down the dance in order to enter into its ritual form.

Alfa Trax is the electronic music duo with live hardware, in charge of performing the original mix Brvja, which comes in collaboration with Galo Santo. The original track reminds us of the time of the witches, although we know that nowadays it is taken up again as a semantic figure in the vindication of women and the feminine in the current feminist movement.

Whether or not this is the meaning used in this track, the potential of its original meaning is quite evident. The atmosphere takes us back to the Middle Ages, to the darkness of its cruelest deeds and the mystery of its undiscovered actions.

And from medieval times to the eighties/nineties in the midst of well-electrified synthesizers, well sharpened so that Brvja bewitches everyone with the devil inside him.

Alfa Trax boosts the electricity that the original mix only announced at the end. The sound becomes contemporary, moving us away from the semantics proposed by the original track. What remains of those semantics and is somehow transhistorical is the semantics of the devil and witchcraft.

However, the devil and witchcraft are placed in the center of the dance floor, to unleash fresh ritual dances that take over Controlla’s headquarters and floors all over the world. Acid drops are responsible for melting brains and whole bodies. Desire has petrified into metaphysical totems that at times are lost on the horizon.

The delicacy and finesse of this remix are patents. And as agile and intrepid as it is, the song has gone out of our hands. It’s time to replay it and continue…

Artist: Pvlomo
Title: Deseo Remixes
Features: Diaz Tech, Tiempo de Maldad y Tkuz, La Miwis, Galo Santo
Remixes: Badwolf, Guzzx, Kitschy Kitsch, Alfa Trax, Vleks, Villaseñor, The Elves, Veltrán, Undefined Pattern, Gerver, Poulper, and XLR
Label: Controlla
Catalog: CXM029
Mastering: AXM Mastering
Artwork: Pvlomo
Release Date: May 26, 2022, on Bandcamp | Beatport | Spotify | SoundCloud |

1. Deseo (Badwolf Remix) 08:13
2. Uhu (GuzzX Remix) 05:21
3. Beast Friends Forever feat Diaz Tech, Tiempo de Maldad y Tkuz (Kitschy Kitsch remix) 06:27
4. Brvja feat Galo Santo (Alfa Trax Remix) 03:49
5. Osotuosoyo (Vleks remix) 05:42
6. Ser Tu Perro (Villaseñor Remix) 05:52
7. Brvja (The Elves Remix) 05:34
8. Osotuosoyo (Veltrán Remix) 05:04
9. Vala (Undefined Pattern Remix) 04:34
10. Uhu (Gerver Remix) 05:00
11. Afxn (Poulper Remix) 05:28
12.Tremenda (XLR Remix) 06:31

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