Club Furies Premiere: Mute — Collared [Low Hut Recordings]

The DIY -do it yourself- record label for friends, based in Kharkiv, Ukraine, presents its second release. We are talking about Low Hut Recordings. After A Better Tomorrow And Tomorrow Is Now by Monotronic, Mute arrives to present Devotions.

Mute is based on the following slogan: “I take the name Mute and I won’t talk”. This art project, whose person behind it remains unknown, has taken a vow of silence. The reason: the war. This forbids him to speak until the war is over. There is an exception that allows her to sing.

Mute started making music a long time ago, but kept it mainly to herself, using it as a form of therapy. Her songs are not exactly upbeat and sometimes disturbing, but the main thought in her lyrics is: “no matter how hard your trials are now, you can overcome them and turn trauma into strength”.

His Low Hut Recordings release is entitled Devotions, an album of six original tracks – Morning Devotion (interlude), Collared, Perfect, Hound, Your Bedroom, and Evening Devotion (outro) – plus Monotronique‘s remix of Hound.

The concept behind Devotions comes from some of the ideas that are instilled in us from childhood. We are taught to be devoted to various principles: to family, to God, to a country, to a brand of cereal. In part, our childhood determines our future choices; sometimes for the better, sometimes leading to destruction. This album is Mute‘s story of breaking away from his devotions to the wrong people, places, and beliefs. And making new and healthy ones for herself.

Club Furies presents the premiere of Collared. Over celestial and pop sounds, nostalgic sonic semantics are woven, anchored to those old devotions Mute learned in her childhood. His vocals, however, attempt to mark a break from them. As a whole, an aufhebung is formed: that concept that marks the process between negation, maintenance, and overcoming.

Will this work as a whole be able to complete the process? For now, Collared is a beautiful song that takes us back to idyllic pasts and utopian futures. A magnificent temporal bridge.

Artist: Mute
Title: Devotions
Remix: Monotronique
Label: Low Hut Recordings
Catalog: LOWHUT02-CD
Release Date: June 25, 2022, on Bandcamp

1. Morning Devotion (interlude)
2. Collared
3. Perfect
4. Hound
5. Your Bedroom
6. Evening Devotion (outro)
7. Hound (Monotronique Remix)

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