Club Furies Review: Desire as a form of sound: Controlla presents the Deseo Remixes by Pvlomo [Part Two]

A couple of days ago we presented you the first part of our review of the release of Pvlomo’s Deseo Remix Pack via Controlla. Now, it’s time to present you with the second one, which ends up blowing up the speakers, eternalizing desire.

Vleks is a producer and DJ from the Bajío area of Mexico, with multiple releases on Veneno – Mata and Lastimas. He has a couple of collaborations on Whole Story, and has now teamed up with Adan Aradillas to form what seems to be an unstoppable duo, Los Dvtsuns. He presents the Osotuosoyo remix.

Osotuosoyo’s sound is subtle and delicate, with very smooth blends of Pop and Rock. In the order of the original album, it is presented at the end, as the curtain that closes the show, leaving us with an idyllic slogan: “together forever”. In the remix package, however, it is presented in the core.

Vleks puts his stamp on the original, activating, like each of the previous remixes, the potentialities of the original tracks. He turns the Acid knobs in a subtle and delicate way, giving strength to the “I don’t want to be with you anymore” samples in a repetitive way, while electricity runs all over the place.

That brash and cocky style, at the same time flirtatious and fun, is evident in every note. And to the rhythm of “I don’t sleep at the weekend anymore”, the ritual dance that has been built up over the remixes becomes progressively more and more eternal.

Villaseñor is the project of Juan Villaseñor, DJ, producer, and promoter from Mexico City. A constant name in the lineups of the capital’s electronic nights, an active member of the Pervert Mx and VNION crews, whose motto is “arriba los culos”. He is in charge of reinterpreting Ser Tu Perro.

The original Ser Tu Perro mix has made the transition from carnal desire to animal desire, instinctive, unmediated by any human, rather than animal, order. The sound meets the lyrics, achieving a sensuality seldom seen, that disavows that which today has taken the form of hypocrisy, that is to say, the correctly political.

“Ahora quiero ser tu perro, ahora quiero ser tu esclavo” (“Now I want to be your dog, now I want to be your slave”) is a slap in the face of the hypocrisy of contemporary society. That society of desire that leads desire to its radicalization, or to its primitive character.

Villaseñor refreshes the sound of the original track, toning down the explicitness of the original mix, without losing the essence of the original track. He reinvents the sound again, adding nostalgic glints and flashes of lightning that turn into hypnotic, interlocking dances.

In this atmosphere that Villaseñor has created, Rosen-Einstein space-time bridges open up, taking us to unique dimensions. Let’s cross it because we are entering another moment of the Remixes.

The Elves are in charge of Brvja’s second remix. The Elves are the duo formed by our beloved Pvlomo, and Samuel Lupian. From the heart of Mexico City, Pvlomo presents himself as the Techno Cowboy, with a unique style that oscillates between darky-disco-acid-pop. For his part, Samuel Lupian is the project aimed at experimental music, mixing genres such as Techno, Acid, and Indie Dance.

From medieval semantics and their transition to current semantics, and the transhistoricity of witchcraft, its witches, and the devil, The Elves definitively embed these semantics in the heart of humanity. They concretize the fact that witches are perennial. Perpetuity becomes incipient and is embedded in the heart of Deseo Remixes.

Witches as the desire of the many, the hatred of few, become one of the most important desires in the history of mankind. May the coven take another path, towards the vindication of witches. May the witches hunt and not be hunted.

Veltrán is in charge of Osotuosoyo’s second remix. Veltrán is a Mexico City-based artist and producer, digital sound and 3D creator, and founder of the new electronic label Kyma Komplex.

From the sonic hiatus to his electric/Acid radicalization, Veltrán achieves a perfect synthesis: trippy electricity in Slow Techno and flashes of Acid in thick drops. Which causes the melting and merging of our bodies with Deseo Remixes. The difference between the other and I fades away, and the one and the other in one-another begins to delineate itself sharply.

The person behind Undefined Pattern was born in the late nineties. He is the Mexico City-based producer, whose project is inspired by the everyday stress and paranoia of living in Mexico. These particularities are impregnated in his musical style: mystical, strong, and psychedelic; typical of a dancefloor free and emancipated from stereotypes.

Their sound is based on strong percussions and rhythms, with forceful and precise bases, as well as enchanting and psychedelic melodies, which are well suited for dancefloors that run through the depths of the night.

The Acid drops scattered throughout this work achieve their apotheosis in the original Vala mix. The knobs of the Roland TB-303 go so far as to decompose into first-order cybernetics that becomes second-order, i.e. begins to take on a life of their own.

One of the guidelines of Desire’s sound will also be confronted in Vala. The trippy/psychedelic character becomes one with the Acid of this song. What follows is the accentuation of two of the pillars of this work.

Undefined Pattern industrializes and metallizes the original mix. The Acid of the original track is laid bare at key moments of this performance, at first; then it becomes deliriously integrated, leading us astray. At other moments, the sound flashes carnivalesque rhythms in conjunction with the metal and Acid drops previously poured in.

Gerver is a music producer and DJ based in Mexico City, co-founder, and owner of Trax Worx Records. His music offers large doses of energy for dance music. For his remix of Uhu, the second in this package to the original mix, the rave is radicalized, reaching its peak.

Five minutes of agile density in a sweet paradox that adds up to the energy of Gerver, Pvlomo, and all the talent that the Controlla family has gathered in Oaxaca, Mexico City, and indeed all over the country, extending their terroirs to wide parts of the world.

Poulper is a producer, DJ, and event organizer originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Head of Quixotical Records and co-founder of Raro, Metrica, and Syntoma. Recently, he released a full-length on his sister label Logia Records.

No structures or genres to follow, just some sacred words that come out of his head and conjugate with his aesthetics through thousands of eclectic fields. That’s his style. He presents the interpretation of the original AFXN.

AFXN is a rich Rap and Hip-Hop that sleeps it all in the lyrics of the song. An idyllic delirium in the most remote and cozy terroirs of Pvlomo and Controlla.

Poulper presents a sonic litmus test of some of his musical nuances. Between psychedelia, tribal, indie, and trippy, the clouds of paradise appear before us, although this paradise is not easily defined. What is the trick? It isn’t a trick: it’s up to each one to decide his own paradise. Poulper merely installs the aural possibilities of the existence of such a paradise.

The doors open gently; a smooth carpet is laid out before us. It is time to enter, to end this life and begin another.

XLR is a DJ and producer from Oaxaca City, México, close to the inner circle of the great Controlla family. He is in charge of closing this great package. His interpretation is of Tremenda’s original. The original mix is a flirtation with merengue and cumbia, but in a unique way, only Pvlomo and Controlla can do it, with the tremendous addition of Tkuz – also a must in our music library.

The door to paradise installed by Poulper in the previous track starts to be left behind in this song. Paradise is presented as a jungle, taking us back to the previously installed Bosch painting. Desire is thus materialized in pure, devilish, haunted, carnal, animalistic paradises.

XLR turns everything previously poured into Techno, one of the few sonic nuances we were missing. The diverse motley assortment built up to this point is finally subsumed into the genre with roots in Detroit and Germany. From Detroit and Germany in the eighties to Mexico, and more specifically Oaxaca, like a reverse Bing Bang, everything comes to silence before the storm.

Controlla has unleashed the storm called Deseo y Deseo Remixes, whose inputs have been the sound art of Pvlomo, Diaz Tech, Tiempo de Maldad y Tkuz, Galo Santo, La Miwis, Badwolf, Guzzx, Kitschy Kitsch, Vleks, Villaseñor, The Elves, Veltrán, Undefined Pattern, Gerver, Poulper, and XLR. Desire becomes the horizon of everything that happens in the world, surrendering our bodies and souls to it.

Artist: Pvlomo
Title: Deseo Remixes
Features: Diaz Tech, Tiempo de Maldad y Tkuz, Galo Santo
Remixes: Badwolf, Guzzx, Kitschy Kitsch, Alfa Trax, Vleks, Villaseñor, The Elves, Veltrán, Undefined Pattern, Gerver, Poulper, and XLR
Label: Controlla
Catalog: CXM029
Mastering: AXM Mastering
Artwork: Pvlomo
Release Date: May 26, 2022, on Bandcamp | Beatport | Spotify | SoundCloud |

1. Deseo (Badwolf Remix) 08:13
2. Uhu (GuzzX Remix) 05:21
3. Beast Friends Forever feat Diaz Tech, Tiempo de Maldad y Tkuz (Kitschy Kitsch remix) 06:27
4. Brvja feat Galo Santo (Alfa Trax Remix) 03:49
5. Osotuosoyo (Vleks remix) 05:42
6. Ser Tu Perro (Villaseñor Remix) 05:52
7. Brvja (The Elves Remix) 05:34
8. Osotuosoyo (Veltrán Remix) 05:04
9. Vala (Undefined Pattern Remix) 04:34
10. Uhu (Gerver Remix) 05:00
11. Afxn (Poulper Remix) 05:28
12.Tremenda (XLR Remix) 06:31

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