Club Furies Premiere: Melina Blanco — Mira [Ineffable]

Our beloved Mexican label ineffable presents its new release. Based in Mexico City, and with only a handful of releases under their belt, the sonic and visual sophistication of the concept is impressive. Following the release of Ranma Entero, comes Melina Blanco.

Melina Blanco is a producer and disc jockey from San José, Costa Rica. In her productions and performances, she explores electronic music, from Ambient, Downtempo, Techno, and much more. Her interest in music started with cinema. Thanks to the soundtrack and incidental music of some films, he wanted to create his own music for audiovisual projects at some point.

Her first extended play, Lila, released in 2019, is Ambient and Soundscape oriented. Other of her songs in the following years, such as I am empty, XU, and Sentido also focus on this type of music. In 2020, she released his second EP, Éter, on the Chilean label Life Bypass, whose main elements are Ambient and Downtempo.

In 2021, she collaborated with MADC (Museum of Contemporary Art and Design) by creating a song for a work by artist Patricia Belli. Recently, she collaborated with a remix of the track Vicios del Alma, by producer Byron Alvarado. As her tastes change and she tries new sounds and techniques, her intention is to produce music that does not focus on a specific genre or style but is based on emotions and experimentation.

In Melina Blanco’s own words: “I made Air between March and June 2021. For a long time now, I have been very interested in experimenting with sounds that reflect the idea of making subtle and somewhat minimalist music. Since I started producing music, my way of creating something almost always starts with finding an atmosphere that I like and from that, I add more elements and create the structure. In a way, I perceive Air as an intention of wanting to continue experimenting with the kind of music I made for my previous EP, Ether. During the creation of Air, I thought mainly about open spaces and nature.

Air is made up of six original tracks, Plum, Era, Sun, Spaces, Programmed Love, and Mira (Bonus Track). Between sonic, metaphysical, and celestial idylls, the sound of Air takes us metaphorically into the air, although our mind flies to those beautiful paradises. And we talk about the sound as much as we talk about the conceptual design. Club Furies is very happy to return to ineffable to present you the premiere of Mira, the Bonus Track.

The metaphysical idylls that run through the whole of Air are particularised in Mira in a unique way. Between sonic latencies and imperceptible tensions, the sound advances towards its apotheosis. When this moment is about to arrive, the sound takes a detour, towards the reproduction ad infinitum of Mira.

Finally, ecstasy arrives. Melina Blanco has taken us into the bowels of her sound, this time by ineffable. This combination manages to empower the Mexican label, at the same time as the Costa Rican artist, achieving a unique symbiosis. Melina Blanco continues to show us the potential that is already manifest, while ineffable shows us its excellent curation.

Artist: Melina Blanco
Title: Air EP
Label: ineffable
Catalog: INFF007
Release Date: June 24, 2022, on Bandcamp |

1. Plum (4:12)
2. Era (5:30)
3. Sun (4:21)
4. Spaces (5:04)
5. Programmed Love (3:55)
6. Mira (Bonus Track) (5:00)
Total length: (28:02)

Written & produced: Melina Blanco
Mixing: Melina Blanco
Master: Mike Gutiérrez
Artwork: Gabriel Soto

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