Club Furies Review: Of heavenly idylls and ineffable magic: ineffable presents Melina Blanco

The week at Club Furies kicked off with the premiere of Melina Blanco’s Mira, part of her release by ineffable, entitled Air. Producer and disc jockey, originally from San José, Costa Rica, in her productions and performances, she explores a diverse and impressive palette of electronic music: from Ambient and Downtempo to Techno, and from there as the main matrix the rainbow-only opens up more. Her interest in music started with cinema, thanks to the soundtrack and incidental music of some films. This led her to want to create her own music for audiovisual projects at some point.

From Ambient and Soundscape, through Donwtenmpo, and Techno, as her tastes change and she tries out new sounds and techniques, her music production becomes genre-less and style-less. Emotion and experimentation become changes in his style and genre, allowing him to have no predetermined style or genre.

Club Furies presents the full review of Air, whose title in itself takes us to the place where Melina Blanco’s sound in ineffable settles softly and velvety. Plum, Era, Sun, Spaces, Programmed Love, and Mira are the titles of the tracks that make up this work. If we stick to their semantics, we find some qualities: past times, electronic-human cybernetics, fleeting times, places, and contemplations.

Plum is a softly textured soundscape, whose latencies bring with them the presentiment that ‘something’ will come. With melancholic tones and slight jolts, the incidental sounds keep us in an ornamental melody. Plum can also indicate the fruit or the onomatopoeia that refers to something that has vanished.

In its sound, Plum indicates the beauty of the track that seems to last a moment. And it is in this fleetingness that lies its absolute purity and perfection. Like the feathers of the most beautiful bird known, Plum rests softly in our ears, enchanting them, enchanting our soul as well. In the end, the rest of Air remains.

With Era, Melina floats us into a blurred space, where sweet voices adorn the atmosphere. She envelops us in time, making us feel contemplative with Techno. It is the electrification of the place where Plum had left us. Between fleeting times, present times emerge which, when they pass, become at the same time past. That is the atmosphere and feelings that Era evokes, with Plum’s play early – yes, this is a work to listen to from start to finish, in the middle of our living room, with nothing but the sound of Air.

Once Era reaches its climax time, a sort of time reverse happens. From the present to the past in the form of sound. Era synthesizes what it has built up at the moment, and simultaneously the rudiments of an implosion in time emerge. It is time to reach the ends of the sky and the universe with Sun.

With kinesthetic and suggestive melodies, this piece of music makes us move from the very beginning. Magnetic and attractive, the way Melina Blanco plays with sound. She encourages the listener to use all their senses and be guided by the sensations transmitted by the music. Sun takes us to the good side of the sun, not to its abrasive and suffocating side, but to its warmth and joy.

By means of faint but well-established bulbs, Sun takes us slowly towards its terroirs, in the midst of untraceable and fleeting times. Delicacy and subtlety, once again, are the elements that move Melina Blanco’s sound, and position her in a unique place. We have reached the limits of the sun. And between the sun and the rest of the universe and the world, Spaces is embedded.

Spaces is a buoyant composition with an enveloping depth, which makes us feel in a totally pleasant space, feeling like a lullaby. Its calm narrative aids the perception of a lingering remoteness. Spaces is perhaps the track that comes closest to the culmination of a work of art.

And not because the others are not, but because this one ipso facto takes us back to artistic environments: museums, workshops, brushes, canvases, bodies. All this is in an ethereal form, which sound makes possible. In the end, it is the fine strands that make us levitate towards the heavenly paradise. Towards its confines and its sweetness, its beauty, and its mysteries.

Programmed Love is optimistic and contemplative with surprise hits, which keep us on a hunch. The beats accompanied by dense light and shimmering vocals represent a ritual of worship. Programmed Love wraps everything in binary codes and a priori determinations.

Amidst cybernetic cunning and digital labyrinths, such sentiment is slipping through our fingers. And at the same time, there is no doubt that we have been imbued by it. Love and programming as a perfect synthesis.

Amidst so much nostalgia and subtle pessimism, and slight glimmers of joy, Mira reminds us of earthly happiness. A jewel of Ambient Techno, on whose grounds the voices coming from above make us feel on fire. Our attitude to it: indifference. It is an odyssey that brings peaceful rumblings. Fast, but digitally relaxed.

Mira is embedded in the ambivalence that has taken over the whole Air: joy and freshness and nostalgia and sadness. Thus, specific knots form in each song that, in their interweaving together, form a skein that leads us into the ethereal and ineffable. Never before has an ineffable release so presciently reflected the meaning of its name. While Melina Blanco has put together an unparalleled release, a bullseye to the Mexican label’s catalog.

Artist: Melina Blanco
Title: Air EP
Label: ineffable
Catalog: INFF007
Release Date: June 24, 2022, on Bandcamp |

1. Plum (4:12)
2. Era (5:30)
3. Sun (4:21)
4. Spaces (5:04)
5. Programmed Love (3:55)
6. Mira (Bonus Track) (5:00)
Total length: (28:02)

Written & produced: Melina Blanco
Mixing: Melina Blanco
Master: Mike Gutiérrez
Artwork: Gabriel Soto

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