Club Furies Premiere: QriTomato — Srh Xxxi (QUWX Rework) [QUWX]

QUWX is an electronic music label based in Kyoto, Japan, run by the person behind the projects QriTomato and QRTMT, among others. QUWX is a record label that releases electronic music near and dear to QriTomato and his friends. With just two releases, Tanakas’ Before The Birth de Tanaka and QriTomato‘s Sun Rain Humidity, we can be sure that the guidelines that lead QUWX‘s sound are Noise, Drone, Ambient, Experimental, and Techno. An extraordinary combination.

The third release arrives. It is the second part of Sun Rain Humidity. The extended play is inspired by the atmosphere during the summer in Japan. The weather, with a lot of humidity and high temperatures, is heavy and cruel to people. It is the hardest time of the year. Meanwhile, sometimes it reminds the height of the sky, the comfort of the wind, and the nostalgic landscape.

Club Furies presents the Rework to Srh_xxxi, able to extract a small part of the taste of Japanese summer. Like a summer storm, the ambient sound at the beginning of our premiere is delicate and subtle, but explicit. Some percussive instruments and semi-decomposed bulbs raise the tension: it is summer rising and announcing its arrival.

The sound breaks down into Experimental and Ambient coordinates, amidst incipient percussions and the same bulbs that reluctantly want to announce something. Before we know it, the humidity and the high temperatures have arrived. They have landed on us, on our heads and our bodies. They ask for our soul.

As the track reaches its final delta, the summer, and its inclemency whip until it finally gives way a little. The humidity and the sun give us a break, but their effects are still felt. We have all of Sun Rain Humidity 2 left. Perhaps it will take us to the other side of summer.

Artist: QriTomato
Title: Sun Rain Humidity 2
Label: QUWX
Catalog: QUWX-003
Format: Digital
Release Date: July 1st, 2022, on Bandcamp

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