Club Furies Premiere: Wall Brown — What We Had [Golden Forest Records]

Wall Brown is the Deep, Tech, Minimal, Melodic, and House project created by Ioannis Tziolas, known for his work as half of Echodust, originally from Thessaloniki, Greece. It was in 2017 that he started his solo project, Wall Brown. This project focuses on exploring the fields of Techno, as sound design has always been his secret passion.

Now, our beloved French label Golden Forest Records welcomes him back, after participating in the second various artists compilation. This time to present a complete solo work. The Mechanic is composed of four tracks that have been written mostly in the period of the pandemic. They are four live performances, recorded as one take to preserve the dynamics of the performance in the final mix.

The extended play opens with Bigfish. A Deep Minimal House track was made for the dancefloors when they were empty and silent. Espania is inspired by the times when Spain lost a lot of people due to this virus and created a dark and unknown feeling for the future. What We Had is a deep groove, reminiscent of the sound and groove of Wall Brown, all in your face aggressive sound with elements of nostalgia for things that belong to better times gone by!

The EP ends with The Mechanic. This is the darkest piece of the collection, with a heavy bass line, distorted drums, shredded vocals, and sharp synth work with a general feeling of unease. This is one of the heaviest and darkest tracks we’ve seen from him in a long time.

Club Furies presents the premiere of What We Had. Grounded in nostalgia for better times, the sound nonetheless leads us to the prospect of something better to come. Without leaving aside the suffering and what we had before the pandemic, the freshness and sweetness of the sound make us think of bright futures.

Then, the depth of the sound takes us to heavenly and idyllic paradises, close to unknown, pure natures, untouched by human beings. The sound however subsumes us back into the present, bridging it between past and future. Time becomes one. We are left to remember with longing what we had and to look forward to recovering it.

Artist: Wall Brown
Title: The Mechanic EP
Label: Golden Forest Records
Catalog: EP009
Photo: Marion Bernard
All tracks composed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Wall Brown for Golden Forest Records
Release Date: July 1, 2022, on Bandcamp

1. Bigfish
2. Espania
3. What We Had
4. The Mechanic

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