Club Furies Premiere: Geert — Spazer [Indefinite Pitch]

Indefinite Pitch’s Destinations series lands in the Netherlands. After having already visited many countries, it’s time for new horizons. The chosen ones for this edition are Geert and Miùson, both producers based in Amsterdam.

Oscillating between dimensions, Geert presents Spazer, their collaboration for this new edition of Destinations. If we pay attention to the artwork of this eighth edition, we see a circle in the center that fades into the shades of grey. In the meantime, Spazer is playing. 

Brutal hypnosis ensues, made possible to a greater extent by the fine and powerful sound tailoring of the Dutch producer. The sound design emulates vigorous metallic squid arms that progressively advance in this sea of resonance. In the end, everything returns to its common transit. The squid returns to the depths of the water, and Geert’s sound vanishes.

01 Geert – Spazer
02 Miùson – Surreality

‘Spazer’ produced by Geert Ben
‘Surreality’ produced by Romeo Sgroi
Mastered by J. David Lucio S.
Artwork by Mark Wagner

Release Date
July 8, 2022, on Bandcamp

Destinations. series – Netherlands
This is PITCH11.

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