Club Furies Premiere: Velax, Chinosynth — Space Shifting [SkyCrew Records]

SkyCrew Records is the label run by Tiempo de Maldad, one of the projects of Mexican artist Roy Parra. After some wonderful releases, including three from Swin Atoms – a group Roy Parra is part of -, one from Tiempo de Maldad, and one from Tronik Youth, it’s time for the new release.

The Mexican dark electronic music label is now launching a collaboration of two great producers: from Mexico, Chinosynth; from Russia, Velax. Together they produce an extended play of two original tracks – Escape and Space Shifting – complete with remixes by Ivan de la Rouch, Corresponsal, and Aurum Miles. Labeled Encounter, this is a package of a strong fusion of Indie Dance and Dark Disco.

Velax is the narrator of the multiverse. Due to humanity’s eternal struggle between “truth” and “common sense”, Velax decided to go beyond the boundaries of reality. He moved to a safe and discreet place in outer space, where time has stopped and no one can detect him. Jorge Gomez, better known as Chinosynth, born in Sinaloa, is a producer who started his musical production in Rock, reaching what is currently known as electronic music.

Space Shifting is the second track from Encounter, which follows Escape. Now that the world in some of its semantics has plunged into eighties atmospheres, the sound of this track takes us back eo ipso to those: amidst nostalgia, synthesizers, and neon colors. The track deepens its nostalgic quality, reaching the delirium of longing. The delta in the track turns on the neon lights, sets them in the sky and the dance goes off.

What follows is hypnosis on dark, morose dance floors, where the dance flows placidly and sensually, melting into otherworldly cybernetic circuits – the Tron way. That is our visual correlate: from hypnotic dance to futuristic, otherworldly battles. That transition is what the title of this song refers to: Space Shifting.

Artist: Velax, Chinosynth
Title: Encounter
Label: SkyCrew Records
Catalog: 006
Release Date: July 8, 2022, on Bandcamp

1. Escape 06:34
2. Space Shifting 06:28
3. Escape (Ivan de la Rouch Remix) 07:02
4. Escape (Aurum Miles Remix) 05:40
5. Space Shifting (Corresponsal Remix) 06:21

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