Club Furies Premiere: Drucal — Meteorite [Primitive State Records]

Our beloved Brazilian label, based in São Paolo, Brazil, continues to add to its catalog. For its freshest release, Primitive State Records presents Drucal, a Colombian artist based in Barcelona, Spain.

Drucal’s productions showcase bold features, strong beats, and strong bases. Now, for this release, titled Meteorite, he presents five tracks of extraordinary tailoring. Meteorite, Carbonaceous, Enstatite, Melted, and Ordinary make up this work. Club Furies presents the premiere of the opening track.

The sound of our opener is in nuce the birth of a meteorite, charged with high temperatures and rocky densities. While this process comes to maturity, we have another correlate, also situated at the end of the universe. A spacecraft looms on the near horizon; some astronauts in their white suits look lost. The ship is stranded.

In these atmospheres, the universe does its own thing without doing anything. It despairs and strains everything that does not find a way into it. The astronauts and their spacecraft find themselves with no apparent fixed path. However, this dark side of the universe shows its other side. Calamities in the form of black holes dissolve. In their place, the latent calm takes center stage. We will have to wait…

Artist: Drucal
Title: Meteorite EP
Label: Primitive State Records
Catalog: PSR104
Artwork: Danniie
Mastering: Anders (BR)
Release Date: July 15, 2022

1. Meteorite
2. Carbonaceous
3. Enstatite
4. Melted
5. Ordinary

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