Club Furies Premiere: Dani Durán (ES) — Touch [Diffuse Reality Records]

Daniel Durán Serrano, or just Dani Durán (ES), is a DJ from Madrid, Spain. He started his career in the nightlife scene more than a decade ago. He is currently a resident and promoter of Ethos Alternative Club.

Dani Durán (ES)‘s career as a DJ began in the early 2000s. Influenced by artists such as Surgeon, Takaaki Itoh, Ben Sims, and James Ruskin, he made his first sessions in Deep (Madrid). Since then, he has played in the most important clubs in the capital, such as CODE (Fabrik), Utopia, Penelope, Celda Techno Club, Sala Pirandello, Studio76, Specka. Outside Madrid, in venues such as OROSCO, and Family Club.

In 2018 he starts Celda Techno Club in Madrid, together with Martin Black. He was resident for 2 years there, of one of the most powerful sessions in Madrid during that time, with top artists such as Tommy Four Seven, Insolate, Tripeo, Takaaki Itoh, Nur Haber, Stephanie Sykes, Kr!z, VSK, to name a few of them.

After years of apprenticeship in production, Dani Durán (ES) has released his work on labels such as TMM Records, MFM Records, Airsound Records, Dissolved Mind, to name the most important ones to date, as well as remixing for artists such as Juan Trujillo via Alleanza.

His style could be defined as Techno with powerful bases, a lot of grooves, and hypnotic melodies that generate a very energetic atmosphere on the dancefloor. That style comes to the Spanish label, based in Barcelona, Diffuse Reality Records. It presents Crude, a long play of six original tracks – Crude, Touch, Pleasures, Essence, Intense, and Chaos. Club Furies presents the premiere of Touch.

The sound of Touch is mesmerizing in a uniquely ambivalent way: it is at once powerful and fierce as well as delicate and velvety. Strength runs on certain tracks while delicacy runs parallel on others. This sound knot forms Rosen-Einstein’s tunnels of time.

These tunnels form particular Spatio-temporal dimensions that subsume the dance floor into their realms. Are we ready for the rest of Crude‘s sound? Touch has certainly shown us extraordinary potential. The rest of the work may take us into Sci-Fi Techno, pointing to the infinite universe.

Artist: Dani Durán (ES)
Title: Crude
Label: Diffuse Reality Records
Format: Digital
Artwork: Campos De Beats
Catalog: DRSS478
Release Date: August 2, 2022, on Bandcamp

1. Crude
2. Touch
3. Pleasures
4. Essence
5. Intense
6. Chaos

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